Choosing Eco Friendly Fence Materials

Going green starts in the home and if you are considering making repairs to your property you may want to consider replacing your old material with some greener options. This concept can, believe it or not, be applied to your new fencing project as well. Here are some alternative materials to ask your local fence companies about.

Recycled Fencing

Chain link and PVC fencing aren’t your thing? Some fence manufacturers are creating incredible fencing pieces out of recycled materials. They’re recycling materials like sawdust, old wood fibers, old plastic grocery bags, and a wide variety of other materials to create greener products. Most of the recycled fence options are great for the ecosystem because they do not contain toxins, chemicals, or even the preservatives often needed to keep wood fencing from rotting.

Plantation Grown Wood

If you’d like a wood fence without worrying about the effect you’re having on our country’s natural forests, you may want to consider purchasing wood fencing from companies that obtain materials from plantations. Yes, there are plantations where certain types of trees, like pine, are grown specifically for use in construction. The wood itself means you aren’t having as huge of an impact on your carbon footprint and purchasing materials from a plantation means you’re protecting our natural environment.

Bamboo Fence
image: Flikr

Live Bamboo Fencing

Are you looking to add to your landscape without necessarily worrying about keeping pets or people contained? If so, you may want to consider placing some live bamboo around the perimeter of your property. Sadly, this option will only work if you live in a warm climate, but the bamboo itself grows almost a full foot each year. After a couple of years you’ll have a gorgeous privacy fence that will need nothing more than a bit of trimming each year.

These are just a few of the eco friendly fence options you have available. Make sure you talk to the fence companies you are working with to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want in terms of price, functionality, and the environment!

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