Installing a Fence? Beware of These Mistakes

Installing a fence should be a relatively easy task but can vary in complexity depending on the type of fence you have chosen and your method of installation – yourself or a professional crew. There are some very common mistakes people make as they approach fence installation. Pay attention to these tips to ensure you don’t end up needing a fence repair or replacement sooner than anticipated.

Forgetting about Permits

Fence permit

Every county has ordinances governing all types of construction, including fence installations. Some will place limitations on the type of fence you are allowed to install. Others will have mandatory requirements, such as those you have to follow when installing a swimming pool. Make sure you check with your town to find out what rules need to be followed and to ensure you have a permit. Failure to do so can result major changes or nasty fines.

Don’t Dig Holes for the Posts in Advance

Take some time to mark out the locations where your fence’s posts will be placed, but do not waste time digging all of those holes at once. As you begin to install the fence you may realize you missed a measurement or that there is a quirk in the terrain. If you pre-dig your holes you’ll have to fill them back in and dig again. Just dig as you move along.

Treat and Paint in Advance

Wood fences that are painted and treated may warp a little bit due to the exposure to moisture. If you paint your fence after installation, it may look uneven once your treatment dries. Painting or treating your fence before installation will also ensure you treat the entire board properly, leaving no room for the elements or insects.

Don’t rush your fence installation job. Make sure you block out a couple of days extra in case things take longer than you anticipated. Taking your time to do things right will prevent the expense of fence repairs in the future.

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