How to Repair Wooden Fence Panels

No matter how sturdy your wooden fence is when it is first installed, there is no getting away from the fact that time and the elements will eventually cause it to wear out. Wood, because it is susceptible to rot, often degrades at a much faster pace than other types of fencing – even if it has been pressure treated with chemicals. So what should you do if your wooden fence panels are damaged or begin to decay?

Wooden Fence Picture

Understanding Fence Construction

All wood fences have three main components – the posts that go into the ground, the rails that connect the posts, and the slats or screening pieces that create the actual look of the fence. While they’re all susceptible to wear and tear, they each decay at different rates and in different areas.

Fence Repairs

Fence posts are often the most difficult to repair, mainly because they’re connected to so many other pieces. A wobbly fence post may not have been set into concrete, a problem that can be repaired by digging around the post and adding cement to the base. If the post is rotted, you may be able to stabilize it with splints or you may need to give in and replace the post entirely.

Fence rails run vertically from post to post. Rails usually pull away from the posts as they rot and often need to be replaced. If the rail hasn’t pulled too far away from the joint, you may be able to stabilize it by nailing a small scrap of wood to the post directly beneath the joint. This will keep the rail from sliding down and out of place. Make sure you coat the scrap with a material that will keep it from rotting before you install it.

Replacement of fence slats (or screening) is relatively simple, too. You’ll simply need to measure the old pieces, create a similar piece with a like piece of lumber, treat it with something that will prevent rot, and install it in place of the old piece. Paint the newly installed slat and your fence will be as good as new.

These repairs do require minor carpentry skills so, if in doubt, call a fence company in Delaware like All American Fence at 302-530-8155 for help with the repairs. It’s better to spend a bit of money on a pro than it is to ruin your fence and pay to replace more than was originally damaged!

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