Do You Need Temporary Fencing?

Temporary fencing

When planning a special event or home improvement project, you may suddenly realize you need some sort of fence installation to protect your property. You may need to keep curious trespassers away from your landscaping or you may simply need to protect the public from holes in the ground, falling construction materials, and similar hazards. If this is the case, you should ask your fencing company about temporary fencing options.

Temporary Fencing for Events

Are you hosting a private event on your own property? Are you in charge of dividing space on a larger lot for a carnival, concert, business event, or fair? It doesn’t matter why you need fencing. What does matter is that you have plenty of options for fence materials that can be easily installed and then removed after your event is over. Temporary fencing comes in a wide variety of designs, including plastic, chain link, privacy style, bicycle barricade, and even windscreens.

typical orange temporary fence

Temporary Fencing for Construction Jobs

While it isn’t necessarily your job to put up protective fencing while contractors are working near your home, you may find it beneficial to purchase some cheap plastic fencing and metal or wooden stakes to put around the perimeter to serve as a barrier or warning to those approaching your property. This type of fencing is great for protecting people and animals from sudden sinkholes, potholes, paint work, and more. If you’re running a large construction project, larger metal fences can be used to protect the property from theft and vandalism.

Renting or Buying Temporary Fencing

You don’t necessarily have to buy temporary fencing. If you own a construction firm you may find it necessary to keep some smaller forms of fencing on hand all the time. Otherwise, both residential and commercial customers often find it acceptable to rent fencing from a fence company in the area closest to where they are working. The choice is up to you, your project, and your budget.

Talk to your fencing company representative before you run out to buy fence materials. He or she will help you to determine what options – temporary or permanent – are best for your current project.

All American Fence can provide you with temporary fencing.  Call today to find out more.  Call 302-530-8155 or request an estimate here.

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