Comparing Fence Estimates

When preparing to install a new fence around your home or business, it is important to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. While no two fence companies are alike, you’ll want to make sure that the quotes they are giving you are for the same type of work. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to make a true price or service comparison. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare to compare fence installation estimates you’ve received from fencing companies in Delaware.

Asking for Ballpark Prices Over the Phone

fence contractor measuring woodMost good contractors won’t give you a firm quote over the phone. This is because they won’t (and shouldn’t) trust you to know the exact size of your yard or the real materials you want to use until they’ve seen your property in person. They can, on the other hand, give you a ballpark estimate – something along the line of $x per yard of material for certain types. Getting several ballpark fence installation estimates will ensure you are able to weed out the fence contractors you know you can’t afford before you waste your time allowing them to visit to create a firm quote.

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Don’t Pay for Estimates

You have the right to request a written estimate for any work you want done on your home – including fence installation. Contractors who want to have continuous work will make the time to come out and meet you – free of charge. A contractor who wants to charge you for an estimate is one you should avoid.

Ask About Insurance

The majority of fence contractors will have liability insurance and, in some cases, bonds. Many will list this information on their business cards or quote sheets. If you don’t see it listed, ask. Working with a fence contractor who does not have insurance may prove detrimental – especially if he causes damages to your home or property and then disappears without making things right.

Be Consistent

Make sure you are accurately describing the work you want done in a consistent manner, no matter who you are talking to. Your contractor may suggest modifications or changes that will alter the price, but you should ask him to give you a written quote for the “basics” you first requested, too. This way you can compare the base quotes from each contractor and then decide if any of them gave you options you’d really want to consider adding. Having basic quotes will ensure you’re comparing all of our quotes, apples-to-apples.

Labor and Materials

Does your quote include a clear description of the prices for labor vs. materials? Do the fence installation estimates clearly reflect whether you are responsible for the purchase of materials separately? Make sure you have a clear depiction of what you are responsible for vs. what each contractor is responsible for. It would be a terrible thing to have a crew show up to install a fence they assumed you were purchasing materials for (and to find out you paid a ton for a fence that does not exist).

A fence can add quite a bit to the décor of any home. Simply make sure you’re getting the best prices from the best fence companies in Delaware and you’ll be well on your way to improving the aesthetic appeal and the value of your home!

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