Your Basic Fence Buying Guide

There are many types of fencing available. In order to decide on the best that you will have for your home, you should first decide what function your fence will serve.

fence buying guide - vinyl fence

If it is just a matter of boosting the security of your property, then there are certain types of enclosures that you should look for. If you want to keep animals in or out of your yard, you will have to look for those types that will help in limiting the movement of the animals.

Another thing to consider is any regulations in your area for fences. Some cities have rules about fence heights, for example. If you install first and ask questions later, you may have to completely take down all your hard work. To avoid such a situation, find out about these regulations from your local authorities.

There are also many stores that sell fencing. There are those that operate online and others can be accessed locally. It is up to you to take your time and decide on the best store that will offer fencing materials at the best rates. It is very easy for you to figure out which is the best store after doing some price comparison in different stores that offer the same materials.

Some stores will also offer after sales services such as warranties after buying the materials. These are the best stores which you should consider if you want to have fences that will last for a long period of time without much hassle.

There are some companies which will offer the materials and a professional who will help you when it comes to installing the fence. Being offered a warranty after buying is also best.

Here is a quick guide to help you in buying fencing for your home:

Take Into Consideration the Purpose of the Fence

  1. Privacy Fence

privacy fence

Some people will like to maintain privacy in their homes. If you want a fence that will enable you achieve some level of privacy, then you should buy fencing materials that will be more than 6 feet tall. This will keep neighbors from stretching their necks to see what you are doing in your home or back yard.

If possible you should have tightly spaced boards that will make it impossible for people to see from outside. Another option which you can consider, is installing a brick fence.

After you hire a professional who will build the brick fence, you can decide to secure the top with electric fence to ensure your home is protected from intruders as well as ensuring great levels of privacy.


  1. Security Fence

In order to keep burglars from entering your home, you can decide have a fence put up. Fences for purpose of security have to be high enough (6+ feet) to make climbing them an arduous and futile process.

At the top you can have spikes or pickets to deter those who might attempt to climb the fences. You should also have a secure gate which will prevent unauthorized people from entering.

If you own a commercial building, having a security fence installed will keep thieves from getting into your property at night.


  1. Decorative Fence

Your main intention of buying a fence may be to add beauty to your yard. In this case, you will not be required to look for a tall fence, so you can just look for one that will rise up to 4 feet or so. This is necessary to remember because it will save you money. The taller the fence, the more the materials that you will buy, hence the more you will pay.

terrace II picket vinyl

To get a real ornamental look, you should have the enclosure made out of great designs that will work well with your landscape. Common places where ornamental fences will be erected include around swimming pools and flower gardens in homes.


  1. Safety Fence

Another reason why you may decide to enclose a given area is to avoid accidents. You can have your swimming pool enclosed to avoid cases where children will get into it without your permission, or even use the fence to deter wild animals from crossing into your yard.

The best types of fences which you can have in these cases are those that will ensure the site is enclosed completely. Chain link and wire for your pool and barbed wire to secure your yard may be the best choice.

Take Into Consideration the Material

  1. Wood

piles of wood fence panels

You can decide to have wood to build your fence with. There are many types of wood available. There are those which will cost a lot of money such as cedar and those that will be a bit cheaper such as pine.

In order to ensure the wooden fence is able to last for a long time, you should first treat the wood before installing. This is important because wood will tend to be affected by things such as rain water and insects.


  1. Vinyl and Composite

This material is either available in solid vinyl or in a mixture of vinyl, plastic resins, and wood. Vinyl can be made into different shapes which you can buy and have a fence that is unique in your home. In order to make sure you get great results out of this type of fence, you should hire an expert who will install it the right way.


  1. Iron and Aluminum

Iron can be used to make different types of fences. You can have a tall fence made out of iron to act as your security fence or use it for other purposes. This material is very durable so it will serve you for a long period of time if you take necessary steps and protect it against the agents of corrosion.


  1. Chain Link and Wire

chain link fence

This is among the most economical materials that you can use. If you want to secure a large area, you can opt for this type to save money. It is also easy to install so it will save you on time.

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