Modern Fence Styles

There are various reasons why people put up fences in their homes, whether that be for control of nuisance activities, decoration, privacy or a combination of the mentioned reasons. Styles of modern fencing are varied ranging from basic to ornate styles. The materials used are durable, such as metal, wood, and vinyl. These fences could be very significant and will require repair from time to time to ensure they maintain their appeal and functionality.

Wooden styles of modern fencing include barn rails that are rustic and flat vertical planks which are mixed with lattice work. The two have their challenges when it comes to replacement and repairs. However, wood is versatile and can be cut and styled in so many different ways. The country styled wooden fence is more for decoration than for enclosing animals or children. A fence where the slats are closer can ensure privacy and protect animals and children from wandering off. Even when the fence is natural it still needs to be guarded against rot and other elements that may work against it. The fence will need to be painted.

a different style

The iron style of modern fencing utilizes iron, which is among the strongest materials available. As a material for fencing it provides a sense of security to one’s home. It is the most expensive of the different materials because it is sculpted to give a timeless beautiful work of art that makes the property stand out from the rest.

Additionally, we have the chain link style of fencing which is used to prevent unwanted people or small animals entering your home or property. Visibility through this fence is perfect and it requires little maintenance to remain functional. It is flexible and many home owners love to use it.

The vinyl style of fencing is ideal for conditions where the weather is harsh. However, when damaged one may be required to repair more than the affected section. Parts of the fence are molded so that they appear as slats that are separate, though they are just one part. The visual appeal is retained by replacing the section that has been damaged.

We do have other factors to consider other than the style–price and durability. Sometimes  damages just happen and this is an expense that needs to be considered when fencing.

In the end, making our homes secure is the ultimate goal of any of these styles of modern fencing. There is a variety of materials to choose from and we do have materials that are more appealing than others. Whatever the choice, the fence style not only needs to be functional but appealing to the eyes too. Cost of maintenance needs to be minimal if it will be an ideal style of fencing for many years. Making wise choices in relation to the weather and the purpose of the fence is key.

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