Common Questions About Vinyl Fencing

White Vinyl Fence

White Vinyl Fence By Green LawnWhen determining if vinyl fencing is right for your home, there are many factors for you to consider.

The most common questions about vinyl fencing typically revolve around what it’s made of, if it will discolor over time, why there aren’t darker color choices available, and how it is cleaned.

To help you gain a better understanding about vinyl fencing and if it is a good fit for your situation, we’ll go more in depth about these questions.

What Is Vinyl Fencing Made Of?

PVC Material
You’ve probably seen PVC in the pipes of your home.

Vinyl fencing is actually constructed of an extremely durable compound known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC for short). You may be familiar with this substance if you’ve completed any plumbing projects around your home, as PVC piping is extensively used for this application.

In terms of fencing, PVC delivers a high level of strength – meaning it holds up well over time. It is able to withstand varying weather conditions year after year, and it never needs painting.

Will It Turn Yellow?

Next on the list of common questions about vinyl fencing is, will it turn yellow? The answer is no, as vinyl fencing has a special titanium dioxide (non-chalking) additive that ensures that your fence doesn’t suffer from discoloration.

This protects it from UV rays, and as long as the fence is water washed on occasion, the color will remain bright for the life of the fence.

Why Doesn’t It Come In Dark Colors Like Black?

As the primary additive (non-chalking titanium dioxide) is white in color, dark colors are difficult to manufacture.

In addition, darker colors break down faster than light hues, as they take in far more heat from the sun. For this reason, vinyl fencing is typically only offered in the lighter shades of the color spectrum.

How Do I Clean It?

Last on the list is how do you clean it? For dust and debris, a simple water washing with your hose is typically effective. For more entrenched marks, you can use a gentle liquid cleaning product, and simply scrub the stain with a damp rag.

If the stain persists, you can use a cleaner that is a bit more abrasive, combined with a bristle brush for optimum results.

Vinyl fencing is an excellent option, as it is easy to maintain and highly durable. Made from PVC material, this unique type of fence has been growing more popular in recent years.

It never needs to be painted, and with an occasional washing the color will remain brilliant for decades. All of these advantages make vinyl fencing a great choice of fence styles if you are thinking about installing a new fence on your property.

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