How to Protect a Wooden Fence in Winter

Snow on a wooden fence.

Snow on a wooden fence. Wooden fences can be the best type of fence for your property. After you make the decision to install a wooden fence around your home, you should try and hire professionals who have a good reputation in installing quality fences.

Winter weather involves harsh conditions such as too much moisture and snowy weather which can end up making the fences weak. Here are some common causes of the failure of wooden fences and how to protect your fences against the harsh conditions:

Try to Avoid Moisture Build Up in the Fence

Wooden fences will be supported by posts. For you to avoid cases where the posts will rot and become weak or even fall, you need to check the posts regularly so that you will find any moisture build up and get rid of it.

Too much moisture will end up making the posts develop molds and mildew which will end up weakening the fence over time.

Some of the ways that you can get rid of moisture from the fences include draining any stagnant water and removing debris which can end up attracting moisture.

Try to Prevent Warping

Warping can be a common problem during winter due to the rapid changes during the season. For you to prevent the fence from warping you need to build the fence with strong wooden posts.

Apart from making use of strong posts you can also make the fences strong by using strong strains.

Avoid Fence Shifting

In order to avoid fence shifting you should ensure the posts are installed deep enough so that during winter the loose soil will not make them move.

If you notice that the level of your wooden fences has shifted, then you need to call a professional who will repair it for you to avoid total damage of the fence. Sometimes you can repair the fence panels yourself, but it’s always a good idea to have experienced help.

Avoid Falling Limbs

In order to ensure your fence is not damaged with the falling snow of the winter months, you should clear obstructions such as tree branches which can collect the snow and later leave it to fall on your wooden fence.

What conditions of winter cause damage to wood fences?

Common conditions that lead to the damage of wooden fences include loose soil due to the high moisture in the season. This moisture also leads to formation of molds which can end up making the fences rot.

Poor installation of the fences can also lead to the damage of the fences during winter where they can end up warping.

Having an experienced fence installer put up your fence is one of the first lines of defense. Maintaining the fence yourself is also a good way to ensure your fence stays in good shape for many winters and summers to come.

If you need to have your fence repaired, be sure to do your research and find a reputable, local fencing company to take care of the repairs for you.

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