What it Costs to Install a Fence

Installing a fence around your home can mean added security, a unique look and more privacy from your neighbors. While there are a lot of benefits to having a fence, the cost can be more than most people anticipate. Anyone thinking about installing one of these should consider all aspects of the construction. What it costs to install a fence doesn’t only include the materials; it also includes the extras that a lot of people don’t think about like materials, delivery, labor, permits, and equipment needed.

fence installation materialsMaterials
The materials that are used will heavily determine whether or not someone stays on budget with this project. There are a variety of different fences, including: vinyl, chain link, aluminum, steel and wood. The cost for these are going to vary based on the material itself, but also where it’s purchased. Some stores are much more affordable than others are depending on sales. It’s also important for people to consider using cheaper materials that look like they are expensive. For example, aluminum fences are more affordable than wrought iron and offer the same appearance. Nobody will know the difference, but a lot of money can be saved by shopping this way.

Anyone who wants to finish the fence with something should factor that into the price as well. For example, staining a wood fence will require extra money for the stain as well as the tools it takes to sand the wood down. Finishes might not be absolutely necessary, but they should be considered by those who need them.

Fence posts are also going to be required because they hold the fence together. In addition to this, any extra material for the fence should be purchased. Other materials needed include: caps, bolts, screws, gates and masonry string. Concrete may also need to be poured for the foundation.

fence delivery trucksDelivery
The delivery of the materials is something that has to be factored in. Will the fence be shipped? What location will it be shipped to?  Will it be delivered by the store? Does it have to be taken home by the buyer? For some this could mean having to rent out a large truck or paying extra for store delivery service. While there are some retailers that offer free shipping, this might not always be the case. Heavy fences can end up costing quite a bit just to ship to the buyer, which could make it not so affordable in the long run.  Also, consider sales tax in the delivery.  Fence installations in Delaware usually do not require sales tax.

Most people aren’t able to install fences on their own because of either physical limitations or because they don’t know how. The cost of hiring people to help will really depend on what they are helping with. For example, if laborers are only hired to help carry materials and do simple things, the cost wouldn’t be that much. Generally this can even be taken care of by having friends and family members come over for a day. Most people will accept a lunch or dinner as payment for their assistance.

fence installationHiring a professional contractor to do the job will mean spending a considerable amount more. Most get paid around $20 an hour, but this depends on the person and the job.

Contractors will need to prepare the site, make a blue print and then gather other people to help with the actual installation. Their expertise is what will cost so much, as well as the fact that they are licensed and insured. This may be an expensive way to go, but it will result in getting a fence installed professionally and quickly. Contractors who are experienced with this type of job should be able to get it done within a few days, depending on the size.

Extra insurance may be required when hiring laborers to help out. It’s important not to skip over this and hope for the best. Not having insurance could result in a lawsuit if someone were to be injured while helping. It’s always best to play it safe and pay a little bit extra for the added security. If you’re going to do the job yourself, make sure to create a plan of action so everything goes as smoothly as possible.

In some cities or towns there are permits required in order to build a fence, even on a residential property. It’s important to make sure these permits are in-hand before any of the building ever begins. Starting work without a permit can result in having to pay heavy fines. This can also mean having to pay workers even though they aren’t able to actually get any work done. Permit requirements can easily be found online through state websites. Most forms can even be printed from or submitted online to make the process easier.

cost to install fence

There is a lot of equipment required in order to install a fence. Anyone hiring a professional generally won’t have to worry about this because they will have their own. Self installation, however, will mean having to either buy or rent the necessary equipment. Measuring tools, concrete mixer, post digger, gate, tension equipment and masonry tools are all going to be necessary to have throughout the building process. Without these it will be impossible to actually build the fence and keep it up.

Other Considerations
When building and installing a fence there are a lot of extra costs that can arise. This is true whether a professional is hired or not. You could end up running into a power line, you could find you don’t have the right permits or you could end up not being able to find the material that you want. Extra money should be available, especially for someone installing a really large fence.

The prices of materials and laborers will vary greatly depending on the area where you are. Some materials are cheaper in certain regions because they are easier to find and more abundant. This is when price comparison shopping will come in handy and can result in saving a considerable amount of money. There are even stores online that sell materials, but they can cost a lot for shipping or have extra taxes/fees. Planning out everything ahead of time can help anyone stay as close to their budget as is possible.

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