Choose a Pool Fence Wisely to Keep Your Children Safe

Accidental drowning is unfortunately one of the leading causes of death among young children under the age of five, and that’s why it is very important to install a child pool safety fence if you have a swimming pool in your backyard.  A child pool safety fence will not only give you peace of mind while your children are out playing, but will also enable you to control the amount of time they spend in the swimming pool.  All good safety fences should be made of strong, hard-wearing materials and should include a gate with a good locking system.

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Types of fencing

Child pool safety fencing comes in a variety of materials, such as mesh, vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron, and chain, and should provide you with a strong, secure barrier around your swimming pool. The type of fencing you choose, however, will very much depend on the size of your pool, the surface around it, the effect you want to create, and whether you want to be able to remove the fencing at some point. It is therefore best to look at all the different materials before deciding which type of fencing is best for you:

Mesh fencing – this type of fencing is installed in sections to make it easier to remove and reinstall when necessary. The fence poles are usually made of a strong material, such as reinforced aluminum, and these are fixed and locked into pre-drilled holes in the ground. The mesh fence is generally made of a polyester mesh fabric that is strong, durable and able to withstand strong sunlight. This type of fencing does not sag, as the required tension is maintained throughout at both the top and bottom of the fence.

Vinyl fencing – this type of fencing generally comes in a white finish and has a lifetime guarantee. It looks attractive and will not lose its color or need repairing. Vinyl is very strong and has self-supporting posts that do not require any additional strengthening.

Aluminum fencing – this type of fencing is very strong and can add a touch of elegance to your swimming pool. If the aluminum is treated properly before it is erected, it should last for many years and be capable of withstanding chemicals and moisture from around the pool. This type of fencing is easily available and comes in a variety of different designs.

Wrought iron fencing – this type of fencing can look very attractive and, like aluminum, comes in a variety of different designs.  Wrought iron is, however, a dying art and can be expensive and difficult to get hold of. Wrought iron does not make the best child pool safety fence, as it will not withstand the atmosphere around the pool very well and will eventually rust.

Chain link fencing – this is the most economical way of keeping your children safe around the pool area. Chain link fencing is very durable and comes in a variety of designs. The links are hung onto straining wires that need to be kept taught to stop the fence from sagging. The fence posts are usually made of wood and need to be set in concrete. Treating the fence with polyester powder can help to increase the durability of the chain.

Important points to consider

When choosing a child pool safety fence, it is very important to consider the height of the fencing. To ensure complete safety, fencing should be at least 4 feet high and there shouldn’t be more than a 4-inch gap at the bottom of the fence – this will prevent children from being able to climb over or underneath the fencing.  If the fencing has slats, they should be vertical and not horizontal. Horizontal slats will make it too easy for children to climb up and get over the top of the fencing. If the pool is very close to the house, it may even be a good idea to erect a fence that connects to the house. It is also important to make sure that the gate lock is placed high up so that children cannot reach it.

Once you have decided which type of child pool safety fencing you prefer, you will then need to have a good look round at all the companies who provide it to find out which one can offer you the best product at the best price.  If you live in Delaware or the Eastern shore of Maryland, we can help.  Find out more about All American Fence here.  Or just give us a call:  302-530-8155

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