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Homeowners have a lot of things to consider before fencing can be placed around the house. Depending on the available budget, choices have to be made that speak to privacy, creativity, and ultimately elevating the value of the home it will be surrounding.

Ask the Delaware fencing contractor you are working with to suggest some different options. The following types of privacy fences are among the most popular, mainly because they fit the budget or they fulfill most of the necessary expectations.

privacy fence


This is one of the more popular choices among homeowners, mainly because its basic purpose is to look good. It’s a cost effective way to establish a border around the house without having to sacrifice aesthetic.

The other big benefit is that aluminum requires little to no maintenance. After the initial painting and style has been chosen it will rarely require cleaning.

However, it doesn’t provide a great level of security and it’s not very strong. For homes within a relatively safe neighborhood and stable weather conditions, however it should work perfectly.


wooden privacy fenceWood fences are hands down the leading option for Americans, because they cater to several different elements.

For starters, they look wonderful and they provide a very warm atmosphere.

Secondly, the height and density is substantial enough to give residents a sense of security as well as privacy.

Last but not least, if quality wood is used then it could stand the test of time along with the house.

The price of installation will greatly depend on the amount of lumber, the quality of the wood, and the area that needs to be covered. Wood also needs some degree of maintenance over its lifetime to prevent deterioration.


Wrought Iron

For the upper-scale homeowner that prefers to be completely unique then the fence of choice is most likely wrought iron. Wrought iron fences look absolutely amazing and they are incredibly strong, but they come at a very high-end price.

These are usually custom made, which explains the extra expense. On the downside they require a lot of maintenance that typically has to be done every 2 to 3 years. The maintenance mainly consists of new paint and sanding.


pvc or vinyl privacy fenceIntroducing the Rolls Royce of fencing, vinyl only has one downside and it’s linked to the price. Though expensive, the cost proves to be worth it over time and it outshines all the other fences.

First of all, it’s stronger and more durable than wood. In fact, some manufacturers claim it’s more than 5 times stronger than typical wood fences and at least 4 times more flexible.

Ultimately it provides the perfect amount of privacy, security, and style while it doesn’t require any maintenance. If a situation arises where it needs to be cleaned then simple soap and water will do the trick.

There is no lack of choice or possibilities, but there are limitations when a budget is involved. It’s best to decide beforehand what the primary purpose of the fence is going to be and work from there.

There are dozens of great options when it comes to installing a privacy fence. Ask your Delaware fencing company to outline your options and you’re guaranteed to find something that is both aesthetically pleasing and within your budget.

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