Delaware Fence Repair

While some fences are designed to last longer than others, you may at some point find that you are in need of repairs. Some repairs will be simple to handle on your own while others may require the assistance of your Delaware fence company. Either way, here are some things to keep in mind.

Delaware fence repair

Consider Your Pets

Do you need to make a repair at the base of your fence because of an animal – either your own or someone else’s? If so, make sure you look not only at the fence itself but at the ground beneath it as well. Some animals will chew on fences but almost all will dig beneath them as well. You’ll want to make sure you fill in any holes beneath the fence, either with dirt or some other material, like small rocks that are more difficult to dig through.

Fence Post Repair

Many modern fences are installed by setting the fence posts in concrete. Some of the older fences were installed by simply setting the fence posts into holes dug into the ground. Over time, those fence posts can blow in the wind or become damaged by weather and storms, making them less stable. You may need to dig a hole around the fence post and reset it by adding a concrete base.

Regular Fence Maintenance

The best tip, of course, is to take a careful look at your fence every 6 to 12 months. Doing so will help you to identify problem areas before they turn into major repairs. You’ll spend a lot less money on a new hinge or plank here and there than you will on replacing the entire fence of there is a major incident.
Don’t forget – there is no reason to attempt a DIY fence repair if you have no idea what you are getting into. Your Delaware fence contractor will be happy to come out and help you for a nominal fee – saving you both time and aggravation!

Contact All American Fence Company of Delaware

Whether you need some money saving fence repairs or an entirely new fence installation, you can count on All American Fence Company to take care of you fast.  We provide new fences or simple repairs on all types of fences including chain link, vinyl, wood and aluminum.  Areas we serve include all of Delaware and parts of Maryland.  Call All American Fence today:  302-530-8155

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