How to Install a Chain Link Fence

chain link fence

Before you decide on installing a chain link fence, you need to have all the necessary tools for the job just like any other project of this nature requires. Ensure the area that you intend to put the fence in is legally approved for your property. If you’re not sure about it, consult and refer to county regulatory offices or a professional surveyor. You need also to check into the information regarding local codes, the allowed fence heights in your locality. From that, you are issued with a permit to proceed with your fence installation.

Now, that you have the legalities out of the way, here is how to put in a chain link fence.

chain link fence

Prepare your fence layout.

The first step involves the contractor identifying the property boundary line.   The best recommendation for erecting posts should be approximately 4 inches inside your property boundary. This ensures that concrete that would be used to hold the post on the footing does not occupy the next property.

After you have identified the boundary, the next step is taking the measurements, i.e. the overall lengths. The first measurements taken are the whole perimeter of your property and they determine the length of the chain link you will need to use.

Mark the points where terminal posts will be grounded. Terminal posts are the corner posts and gate posts. You need to keep in mind that, when determining the gate posts, you need to take into consideration the positioning of hinges, latches and so forth.

The next thing you do is set up the terminal or corner posts. Dig the post holes for all the terminal posts.  The depth of the post-hole can also be determined by the type of weather in your locality.

Next, mark the ground with chalk dust or crayon for the other posts to follow. Erect the terminal or corner posts appropriately observing height of posts. Your fence height may need to be equal to the posts from the ground. Install the posts with concrete to make them firm.

The next thing is locating and setting up the line posts. Dig the post-holes for your posts on the mark you made previously with chalk dusts. Erect all the posts and follow a similar procedure as earlier.  Add fittings to the terminal posts.  Make sure the tension bands are tight to avoid distorting the posts positions.

What  follows is the installation of top rails that would hold your chain link. Ensure that you install the tension wires to strengthen the chain link and make it firm. After that you can now hang the chain link material. Ensure that the material is tightly placed to avoid sagging in between posts.

Stretch the chain link to ensure you attain good tension.   After this, install the fence ties to strengthen your fence.  Finally, hang your gates as recommended after you have finished putting in your chain link fence.

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