Types of Fences

Below are descriptions and information regarding different fence types and styles. Not only are these types available for new installation or replacement, they can often be repaired if damaged.

Hire the All American Fence Company to be your fence repair specialist. Many times homeowners can save time and money with our fence repair services. Whether you are looking at repairing privacy fences or other vinyl fence styles, we can help.

Contact us through our estimate request form or call 302-530-8155 for more information.

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Vinyl Styles

Vinyl fences are considered to be maintenance free and most vinyl brands are backed with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Vinyl fence installations are available in privacy, semi-private, and picket styles. They come in a variety of heights including 4’, 5’, and 6’ and can be ordered in white and tan.

All vinyl fences are constructed of polyvinyl chloride.

Some other fence types and styles include great privacy features such as with the Hermitage. Others are appealing to look at while providing that functional property boundary like the Amstel, Estate, and Old Fashioned Picket.

Other Styles:

Terrace II Picket Vinyl
Post and Board
Pond Picket
Newport Style
Hermitage with Lattice


Aluminum fences are manufactured by Jerith®.

All fences are made of a high strength aluminum alloy, which makes them very strong. The fences are also rust proof, and they will not peel or crack.

There are a wide variety of aluminum fence styles available in several heights and three colors; white, bronze, and black.  Jerith® offers a lifetime warranty on all fence styles.

202 Modified
Smooth top rail ideal for pool fence. Only available in 54” and designed to meet pool codes that require 45” spacing between rails. Modified so that pickets do not extend beyond bottom rail.

Style 111 with Gold Finials
Traditional wrought iron style, which is a version of Style #101 that is built to accept finials on the pickets instead of spear points.

Industrial style 101
Jerith traditional wrought iron style with even points across the top. Available in 4, 5, 6, and 8 ft. heights.

Style 402
Similar to Style 101 but with 1 5/8” picket spacing. Smooth top version of 401 for those who do not want exposed points. Color shown is bronze.


Our wood fences come in a variety of styles, including privacy, semi-private, picket, split rail, and post and rail.

We offer several options made from a variety of different woods, including red and white cedar, spruce, and hemlock.

Wood fences are offered in 4’, 5’, 6’, and 8’ heights.

We also install wood fence types that meet codes for Historic New Castle, Delaware. They are 1 inch spaced white cedar.

Other styles:

White Cedar Single Arch

Chain Link

Chain link fabrics are available in galvanized and extruded vinyl and can be ordered in green, black, white, or brown.

These fences are typically offered in a variety of heights between 3 feet and 12 feet.

All black vinyl system chain link
Available in 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’, 10’, and 12’ heights.


Temporary fence is available for short term use to provide a safe barrier for construction or other purposes.

The panels are made of 6 ft. high galvanized chain link.

The panels are supported by concrete bases.

We provide delivery and removal of temporary fence from your construction site.

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